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Explore Binary Infotech’s Range of Tailored IT Services and Solutions

Elevating Your Business with Tailored IT Solutions: Discover Binary Infotech’s Comprehensive Range of Services

At Binary Infotech, we offer a comprehensive range of IT solutions and services designed to optimize your business operations and drive success. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

IT Infrastructure Consulting

We provide customized Consulting Services to help you architect, build, manage, and optimize your IT infrastructures and a full range of consulting services to help our customers build, secure, and manage world-class IT infrastructures that deliver business value through improved services, higher productivity, and reduced costs.

Design and implement an integrated, holistic consolidation approach that scales to meet business needs. Ensure critical considerations for virtualization, such as: data center floor space, power and cooling, tiered network storage, security, backup, business continuity, networking, and management best practices.Improve service levels for rapid response to changing business demands.

Our technical expertise extends from the core of your IT infrastructure to its edge, encompassing moving, storing, and delivering information where and when it is needed.

Network Design & Implementation

Our Network Architects and Design Specialists have the expertise to do it right the first time. This network analysis includes identifying all hardware currently used, network type to be implemented, network protocols in use, cabling media, Network Operating Systems used, and client software being used for work productivity.

IT Support / Facility Management Services

Our support processes and methodologies keep your data centre equipment running at peak performance. The following are the services available:

Server Management / Administration
– Proactively reviews server performance data, and makes recommendations for improvement.
– Troubleshoots and resolves alerts, either remotely or via an on-site dispatch. Areas monitored include system, network, OS and hardware levels.

Antivirus and Security Management:
– We manage the deployment and use of server antivirus tools and updates and assist in virus removal.
– We have good experience in implementing firewall security.
– Manages and monitors distributed server backups to tape or other media and performs restores when required.

Maintenance Support Services 

Get the multi-vendor hardware maintenance and support you need for your vital desktop hardware products. We’re talking about the equipment that drives your business every day—servers, network components, PC’s, laptops, printers and other PC peripherals—with Maintenance Support Services.

This service is a must for any office, whether it is your headquarters or your field offices. We blend the right combination of field support, parts logistics and multi-vendor technical expertise to keep your end users at peak performance.

We have a team of well equipped engineers in the field at various locations in North India, backed by an in-house repair which stocks fast moving components and parts for providing maximum uptime.

Customized Software Development

Our custom software development service leverages our experience and expertise to ensure fast paced development of high quality software solutions.

We undertake local as well as offshore software development projects. We use tried and tested development methodologies and have strong software testing skills. This ensures that the solutions we develop for you are of the highest quality. Our experienced project managers ensure that every project we undertake is delivered on schedule.

We have the infrastructure and the people to deliver high quality software solutions in the shortest possible time frames.

Business Process outsourcing

We have extensive experience in managing process outsourcing across various domains, including financial services, data processing, server management, software development, web designing, and legal services. Our outsourcing solutions are designed to streamline your business processes and drive efficiency and cost savings.

At Binary Infotech, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to help you succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your IT infrastructure needs and drive your business forward.